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  Our Rices

Packs in a protective atmosphere
1 Kg per packs
Carton of 12 or 24 pieces
Duration 15/18 months
Carnaroli Andreone Standardquantity: 
Carnaroli Andreone Prestigequantity: 
Carnaroli Andreone Christmasquantity: 
Vialone Nanoquantity: 
Brown rice Carnaroliquantity: 
Brown rice Ribequantity: 
Brown rice Black Venerequantity: 
Brown rice Red Ermesquantity: 
Rice Flourquantity: 

  Perpared Mix for Risotto

Packs in a protective atmosphere
250 g per packs
Carton of 20 pieces
Duration 15/18 months
Rice Carnaroli asparagusquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli artichokesquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli curryquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli porcini mushroomsquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli porcini mushrooms and saffronquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli shrimps and curryquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli pomorodo and basilquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli leeksquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli red chicoryquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli rosemaryquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli truffle fettquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli truffle fett and curryquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli pumpkinquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli zucchini and saffronquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli sepiaquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli saffron alla milanesequantity: 
Rice Carnaroli bacon and readicchioquantity: 
Rice Carnaroli with cheesesquantity: 
Panissa vercellesequantity: 
Risotto with vegetablesquantity: 
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